Friday, June 3, 2011

"There's Spinach in This?" Smoothie

I've just about given up.  This child is apparently on a huger strike, with no real reason that's obvious.  She used to reliably eat grilled cheese, some vegetables, fish and macaroni and cheese.  Now we're lucky if she takes a bite out of her grilled cheese before chucking it across the room.  Because of this absolute refusal to eat anything good for her (she will still eat french fries and frozen Gogurt...we call it ice cream) B and I have become quite desperate to get the baby lady to consume anything that's somewhat healthy.

My friend Traci from Mrs. T's Eats was raving about her son drinking smoothies that had spinach in them.  Spinach!?!?!  How could a child possibly as picky as mine consume anything containing the leafy green vegetable that even I find hard to eat at times?  Well, the answer it seems, was pretty easily.  She loves these things.  I change up the fruits and even the yogurt flavors, and have only found one losing combination (strawberries, cherries and blueberries) but overall, I'm so glad that my baby lady will consistently consume something like this.


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