About Me

So, in case you don't know me, my name is Lauren and my last name starts with the letters MO.  Therefore, we have L-Mo.  

I moved to the DC area about 4 years ago when I got married.  Since I was in a new area and didn't know a single person here, I spent a lot of my time cooking and baking, and also reading books.  I would give myself goals, like 50 books in a year, or something like that.  In 2009 I ended up with 48 I believe.  

Flash forward to January 2011 and I now have a 10 month old little girl, who is a joy, but like most babies is a free-time suck.  When I was pregnant I had decided that as a stay at home mom I would have lots of time for hobbies, so much though that I could even pick up a few new ones.  Boy, was I wrong!  Only recently was I able to start cooking and baking, mostly as part of a New Year's resolution to cook more (the Subway people knew our order by heart), and also reading again.  I have the goal of 33 books this year, 3 each from 11 categories.

I have a ton of cookbooks and a large wishlist on Amazon of more that I want.  What I want to do on this blog is finally use my cookbooks and find recipes that are gems.  When I do, I'll share them with you.  I have a wonderful husband who eats what I make, no matter what (unless it contains eggplants or ranch dressing), even if he's not the biggest fan of the ingredients, and a great group of friends who are very eager guinea pigs for my baked goods.  

So, to wrap it up, I want to share the recipes that I discover and enjoy, and I'll also review the books that I read whether I like them or not.  


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