Friday, February 25, 2011

Tag! You're it!

I just saw this morning that Kim over at The Farmer's Wife got me in a game of tag.  I didn't know I was playing or I would have run faster!  No just kidding.  It's actually fun.  There's several questions that I answer and then I tag several people and they post answers to the same questions.  So here goes:

1.  What food do you refuse to eat?
~I'm weird.  I hate shrimp.  Like, with a serious passion.  It has this funky texture and pops in my mouth and I start gagging and it gets nasty.  I really want to like it because I see so many recipes for it that I want to try, but every time I attempt to eat it the gagging starts again and I'm put off for another year or so.

2.  What is the most ethnic dish you have ever made?
~Pierogi.  I am proudly Polish although my last name is now Irish.  Our daughter is more Polish than Irish, and she's going to know it!  Anyway, I've made pierogi, but I don't know if I'll attempt it again.  That dough is STICKY!  I got it stuck in my wedding ring, all over a rolling pin, all over my well floured was bad.  I also couldn't get the dough to roll out correctly and it was a little thick, so it didn't make as many as it should have.  So for me, it wasn't worth the time since I ended up with about 12.  But if you're ever in Cleveland, go to The West Side Market and find Pierogi Palace.  You'll be glad you went.

3.  Salt or Sweet?
~SWEET!  I think I'm addicted.  I opened a bag of bittersweet chips for cupcakes the other day and used 4 ounces out of an 11 ounce bag.  The bag is almost empty because I go to it throughout the day and gorge.  But my bag of veggie straws is going to go bad....

4.  What kitchen gadget can you not live without?
~Is a food processor a gadget?  I'm obsessed with mine.  I got it two years ago and used it for making soup.  Now I use it for pesto, ganache, more soups and TONS of baby food.  My baby food making days are rapidly coming to an end, but I'm still so glad I have my processor!

5.  Last restaurant you ate at?
~Noodles & Co. with some friends.  The baby lady and I shared buttered noodles with broccoli.  For being so plain it was quite good!

6.  Where would you live if you could move anywhere in the world?
~If I could move my entire family with me, then Venice, Italy.  I love Italy.  B and I went there for part of our honeymoon and I fell in love with the city completely.  I remember eating cherries from grocer on a side street in a park and watching the birds with my husband and it's one of my favorite memories.  Venice to me is pure happiness.  Plus I would be forced to become fluent in Italian which would be really cool.

7.  What is your blog about?
~It's about the food I make my family for the most part.  It also includes desserts that I make for us, and many others as I make my husband take my goodies to work and I take them to mommy events.  I also try to read (although I'm stalling at the moment) and I write reviews.  I'm trying to get better at review writing so this is my practice place.

8.  Do you have pets?
~If I were single I would be a cat lady, because we have two. 

9.  What is the last city you visited?
~Parma, OH.  It's where I'm from and you may have heard about it from the Drew Carey Show.  "Moon Over Parma" and whatnot....

That was fun!  So now it's my turn to tag people...hmmmmm

Christy at The Adventures of Mini-Martha

Alicia at Poise in Parma

Kankana at Sunshine & Smile

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  1. I totally have a sweet tooth too. It's horrible!'s not that bad ;)

  2. I loved reading your answers! Someday I'll be the cat lady too ;)

  3. hey girl .. that was fun :) and you tagged me I see ! Thanks

  4. Hi Lauren--

    I love your blog and have given you the Stylish Blogger Award! You can get the details here:



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