Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A First Birthday Party Means a Lot of Cupcakes!

As I mentioned last week, my daughter just turned one year old and of course we had to celebrate.  Now, I'm not a planner.  At all.  I have nervously dreaded the day of her first party (the first of many) since I was probably about 3 months pregnant.  There's so much that goes into this stuff!  I get so stressed out, it's insane.  But luckily, I was planning on making cupcakes, and a good cupcake always helps me to de-stress.

First I want to publicly thank my sister-in-law, Mary of Cooking With Wine and Anarchy for our new birthday banner.  I almost cried when I saw it.

Last minute, I decided to make lemon truffles for the out of town people who were coming.  Both my and Bs' families live out of state so we had a few visitors.  The problem with making food specifically for them is that it never seems to last.  I have one here and there and all of a sudden I don't have so many to give away.  Anyway, Annie from Annie's Eats is a genius and they were delicious.  Mine weren't nearly as beautiful as hers, as mine weren't really pretty at all, but I'm ok with that.  They were pretty easy, too.

Finally it came time to make the actual cupcakes.  I procrastinated of course, so last minute I was scrambling to make a three different types of cupcakes and three different types of frosting, and trying to find somewhere to store them all.  I ended up making mini vanilla with vanilla buttercream for the little ones, devil's food with chocolate glaze and white chocolate raspberry cupcakes.  The white chocolate ones are probably the best I've ever made.  I'll be posting the recipes to all of these in the coming weeks, but until then, here's a picture to make you hungry!

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  1. I know what you mean about dreading the parties. Seven years in and with two kids to celebrate, it has gotten a lot easier for me, but I'll never be a natural. The cupcakes look great.

  2. The cupcakes look beautiful! You did a great job Mommy! I understand what you mean about stressing over parties, I get that way too. Sounds like a great time by all!

  3. Very cute! What is the banner made out of? It's adorable! Did she make it or buy it? Hope she had a great party! Did you give her Potsy yet? =)

  4. Happy Birthday!!! I just posted about my daughters first birthday party and cupcakes, of course! http://squashblossombabies.com/2011/03/01/first-birthday-cupcakes/

  5. Beautiful job for your babe's birthday! I hate to say it, but even at 15 I worried about my son's birthday gathering....will the food be good enough (will there be enough)....how many friends......ack!!
    Everything looks lovey! Happy first Birthday!!

  6. Lovely banner, lovely cupcakes. Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating your daughter's 1st birthday.

  7. Lovely cupcake spread! Now I want cupcakes!

  8. @Christy:

    I made it! And I'm not a super sewer either.... I'll have to write down the "directions" for you. It's not that hard!



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