Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby's Apples

It's a little lame that the first food post on my new cooking blog is baby food, but a lot of my time revolves around the little lady right now!  This is all I ended up cooking yesterday, so here it is.

One goal I had for myself as a stay at home mom was to make my daughter's food.  At almost eleven months old, I can proudly say that she has never had a bit of puree from a jar or pouch or however else they come.

I don't believe that you need a special machine to make purees for your baby.  I think all you need is a steamer basket, a food processor or food mill, some ice cube trays and a little bit of time.

Here's how I make baby lady's apples.

4-6 medium sized apples  ~  I prefer to use Fuji as they are a firmer fruit and still low in acid.  Golden and Red Delicious ones are also low acidity apples, but baby lady seems to like the Fuji ones more.

Cut the apples into slices.  In pot that fits your steamer basket, bring an inch of water to a boil.  When it is boiling, add the apple slices to the basket and cover the pot with a lid.  After about 8 minutes, check the apples by poking them with a knife.  If they are ready the knife will slide in with no hesitation.

At this point remove the apples to a separate bowl and allow to cool for about 15 minutes or until cool enough to handle.  At that point, remove the apple peel with a knife and place the slices in a food processor.  Run or pulse until the apples are at a consistency your baby can handle.

Freeze in ice cube trays.

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